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        蘇州坤泰電磁線有限公司是一家國際性公司, 菲道員工在日常生活中創造著奇跡。對于人才和富有創造力的人,未來的職業道路是豐富和多樣化的。菲道公司為你提供無限的可能來使用你的專業及人際溝通技巧來幫助我們共創未來...
        目前共有1個職位空缺;請您記好工作職位,并發送個人簡歷到 hr@pdmagnetwire.cn;

        序號 職位名稱 工作地點 招聘人數 有效期限 發布日期
        1 Process Engineer / Project Eng 工業園區 1 45 2012-06-11
        最低學歷:本科 專業要求:機械制造工藝與設備
        工作經驗:八年以上 招聘人數:1 名
        工作地點:蘇州工業園區 語言要求:英語良好
        招聘方式:全職 性別要求:男
        任職要求: · Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or closely related area.
        · Knowledge of making high quality 200 tons alum wire and copper wire.
        · Five years working experience in the enameled wire factory, making of alloy alum wire would be an added advantage
        · Knowledge of applicable analytical and problem solving techniques (Green or Black Belt Six Sigma Training and Lean manufacturing experience preferred)
        · Knowledge of magnet wire standards and specifications
        · Strong project management capabilities
        · Hands – on work focus
        · Knowledge of the use and applications of personal computers/software to the standard practice of Process Engineering.
        · Ability to positively influence operators in other areas to adopt best process control practices
        · Leadership skills to conduct the work and development of technical professionals and staff.
        · Ability to effectively interact with external parties including customer and suppliers
        · High capacity for deduction and innovation
        · Skill in following safety practices and recognizing hazards and performing accident and incident investigation.
        · Skill in presenting a wide variety of training to diverse audiences.
        · Skill in oral communication in one-on-one and group situations; in written communications for persuasive, training and technical purposes; and in utilizing public relations techniques in responding to inquiries and complaints.
        · Bilingual: Chinese and English
        職位職責: 1. Definition of optimal process conditions in the manufacturing of magnet wire, through the performance of process engineering studies.
        2. Supervision of Process Engineers and Die shop personnel
        3. Coordinates performance of process capability and feasibility studies, cure ranges and other PE studies
        4. Provide technical and troubleshooting support to the production personnel
        5. Lead Improvement projects conducted in the manufacturing area, including ovens, breakdown machine, lubrication and other support systems.
        6. Coordination of training activities of production personnel related to process control
        7. Operational inspection and commissioning support of new production equipment
        8. Coordinates follow up to sample manufacturing.
        9. Selects and interacts with production and support equipments suppliers.
        10. Selects and interacts enameling and drawing dies suppliers,
        11. Select and interact with lubricant suppliers
        12. Supports investigation of customer complains and generation of corrective actions
        13. Other tasks/activities as assigned.

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