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            Suzhou Kulthron Magnet Wire Co., Ltd, was founded in June, 2003, and start mass production in May, 2004. The plant is located in Suzhou Industry Park . It researches, manufactures and sells high quality magnet wire with the annual throughput around 8000 MT.The complete set of manufacturing facilities and main test and research instruction are imported from abroad, representing the work class advanced level, also Suzhou Kulthron has more advanced facilities, quality employees and management as well, which ensures the quality and competitiveness of magnet.......
          PTZ TW----High speed motor winding with difficult insertion and winding characteristics
          TZQ TW----Designed for inverter-driven motors, Superior insulation life in comparison to o
          APTZ-2000----Dry-type transformers, tool motors, automotive altermator stators, high-voltage
          PDSA-T----Designed for hermetic motors, superior performance in hermetics, and high therma
          PDDR----Self-lubricated wire with low cofficient of friction and good processing, used f
          AIW----Dry-type transformers, tool motors, automotive altermator stators, high-voltage
          Bondeze M----High temperature transformers,; motors for power tools and deflection yoke coils
          PEI----Oil-transformers and motors for electrical appliance; high power motors & electr

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        TEL:+86-512-62833750     FAX: +86-0512-62833763    蘇ICP備08113646號-1
        Address:18 Long Pu Road,SIP,Jiangsu Province ,China